Friday, July 3, 2015

Lake Balaton

Greetings from Lake Balaton!
The day was cloudy with a bit rain, yet very bright.

Experimenting with light...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fish & Chips

Last week found a new fish & chips place in Budapest. Sebastian Fish & Chips is located on Bécsi utca - so it's in the middle of the city.

With a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Fish & chips is a hot dish of English origin, consisting of battered fish, commonly Atlantic cod or haddock, and deep-fried chips. 

Fish & chips became popular in wider circles in London and South East England in the middle of the 19th century. Charles Dickens mentioned a "fried fish warehouse" in Oliver Twist in 1838. A Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin opened the first recorded combined fish-ans-chips shop in London in 1860. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pastel Blue Mint

Pastels look great in summer - actually pastels look great at any season! Chose this pale blue for my nails this week.

Blue Mint by Mavala

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Splash Of Colour: Coral

When walls & most pieces of furniture are white, black or grey it's easy to add a splash of colour according to your mood. I'm now into coral atthe moment as found these branches with full of delicate small flowers at my local market. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Healthy Quinoa Salad

You need tomatoes and parsley,

I mean loads of parsley, and some cucumbers,

and, of course, garlic.

Mix in a bowl some olive oil, sea salt & black pepper, 2 crushed garlic gloves and chopped parsley. 
Boil 1 cup of red quinoa in plain water for about 15mins. When ready rinse it well in cold water.
Add tomato & cucumber cubes to the spiced oil mixture and the chilled quinoa. Mix well.

Cooked red quinoa.

Red quinoa has the highest protein content of all grains. It's also rich in essetial minerals and vitamins such as folate, iron and zinc, and it's gluten-free. 

 Did you know that parsley is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin A, folate, and iron?

I also added some sheep's (milk) cheese that I bought at local market. 

 PS. for dessert I had a bowl of whipped cream & raspberries 

Bon appetit!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pretty Legs

It's alredy midsummer and my legs have no tan at all...There's been BB and CC creams for face for some time already, but last year I found a BB lotion for body as well and now there are other newcomers on market. Decided to test Biotherms BB milk especially for legs. It's not a self-tanner so it doesn't have that odd smell in it, but a freah slightly citrus scent. It gves an even look and makes the not-so-nice veins almost disappearing. 

I do still hope to get a bit tan this summer...

Lait Corporal BB Milk instantly enhances body skin:

  • Adapts to your skin tone, illuminates and unifies thanks to micro-pigments encapsulated in this fresh milk.
  • Its intensely nourishing texture leaves the skin supple, smooth and soft to the touch. Hydrates 24 hours.
Let the product dry for a few minutes before dressing. Easy to wash off. Do not apply on face.

Instantly beautifying body milk by Biotherm.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Anyukám Mondta

As mentioned yesterday I visited Miskolc last week and about 30km from there there's a small village called Encs, and there's probably the best restaurant in Hungary. I'm not kidding! 

"Anyukam Mondta" is the name of the place - the translation is something like "My Mom said". Two young guys went to Italy to work as a chef and maitre d'hotel. After a while they continued to New York and after learning enough they came back to Hungary and made their dream come true - an own restaurant.

Everything on the menu is made of fresh ingredients and mostly locally. We were having for lunch for example duck liver, macademia & rhubarb, lemony thyme baby chicken with kohlrabi coleslaw... and Vilagbeke (World peace) for dessert - delicious!  

The place doesn't advertise but people just find the way there, even from Budapest.

Step in and you'll find a totally new gourmet experience in Hungary! 


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