Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let Food Be Thy Medicine


Minne mennä? No, sinne!
Had a fabulous lunch at Sinne in Porvoo, Finland. The place is located in the Art Factory on the western riverfront. Sinne serves seasonal food made of fresh ingredients from the local producers.  
Wanted to put the dessert pic in the beginning... the salt liquorice meringue was heavenly! But before eating that heavenly piece had chosen the Menu Porvoo which included Gazpacho with shrimps & spruce-scented oil, grilled local wild salmon with boiled potatoes & chantarelles and the for the dessert marinated strawberries with vanilla ice-cream & liquorice meringue.
Everything tasted fresh and all were so perfectly prepared. Finnish food at its best.
Simply delicious! 

Moomins made of sand & recycled "trees" with lamps in the from of Art Factory (the building used to belong to Fiskars some 30 years or so ago...)

Sinne Bistro & shop
Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1

"Food can have a healing effect, physically or mentally, as long as it's enjoyed without pretense or unnecessary hurry, enjoying it with every fibre of your being."

ps. the owners will be opened a new restaurant also in Helsinki in near future...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Budapest: Kodály Körönd

 Kodály Körönd in Budapest in 1903.
 Same square on Andrássy út in July 2014.

One of the four buildings at Kodaly Körönd was on fire on Tuesday July 15. The fire fighting was going on still on Wednesday. The icons building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Only the lower level survived, all the other floors are damaged. 

The huge plumes of smoke were visible across the city. The surrounding buildings were evacuated and the streets around were closed to cars and pedestrians.

The building was built 1882-1885 ans it's one of the city's most iconic buildings, but has been the subject of financial and ownership disputes for many years, with numerous attempts at renovation being announced or begun without conclusion.

Let's see what will happen to this once beautiful building...

ps.the square or actually circus was named Körönd from the 1890s, Hitler Adolf tér from 1938, renamed Körönd in 1945 and in 1971 named after Zoltán Kodály (Hungarian composer) who once lived in one of the buildings there.

ps ps. The place plaza a central role in Vilmos Kondor's book Budapest Noir (2012).

Enjoy it!

There are so many reason to celebrate and summer is a perfect time for that. It's nice to dress up and have fun, but enjoying life doesn't need to mean fancy parties all the time, but rather small things too.

1. Start the day with a smile
2. Get into music
3. Find a new hobby
4. Read a good book

5. Take a break
6. Spend time with interesting people
7. Learn new things
8. Eat healthy
9. Sleep well

Always try to create new things and make yourself happy.
Remember life only comes once so enjoy it for the better.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shorts Or Not?

When you reach a certain age (let's say for example 50), is it still appropriate to wear shorts in public? 

I've mentioned before that I'm a comfy dresser, so when the temperature outside rises up to 35C/95F the comfortableness definitely beats the prettiness. The materials must be breathable ones like cotton or even sporty dry-fits.  

Seems like I can't leave the house without these accessories...

shorts - Gap
top - Gap
sandals - Tory Burch
bag - Jimmy Choo for HM
bangles - Hermes, Thomas Sabo & Michael Kors
watch - Gucci
sunglasses - Ray Ban

ps. still no make-up...but the allergy symptoms are almost totally disappeared! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

No Make-Up

I've been without make-up for several days now... reason for that is  a strong allergic reaction. For what? No idea! My face started to become red and itchy, then the neck and ears, for couple of days my eye lids were like balloons. First I got pretty strong tablets against allergy from the pharmacy. They seemed to help but as soon as I finished taking them the symptoms came back. Needed to book an appointment to see a doctor. This time I got super strong tablets which will for sure make the symtoms go away. After two days the face feels better, the skin is still quite red and rough, but the itchiness has disappeared. 

First I applied some facial oil with vitamin E for my face, but then I discovered Avéne's soothing eye contour cream which can be applied for the upper lid as well and Lumene's SOS cream is a real saver! It's formulated by using skin calming technology.
I won't put any make-up on my face yet, will wait a couple of more days to see how the situation evolves. 

I'm not an allergic person normally. I don't have hay fever, I can be in the same room with cats and dogs, I can eat anything etc. This kind of reactions are very difficult to diagnose, almost anything can cause them. The only thing is to get rid of the symptoms by taking medicine and hope that it won't come back.   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cute Animal Figures At Gallery Angelo

If you happen to be in Pori during Pori Jazz Festivals, don't miss the art exhibition at Gallery Angelo.
There's a graphic exhibition with a printmaking studio, where Marko Lampisuo shows between noon to 3pm how the prints are actually made with traditional methods. Very interesting! 

I fell in love with Kaisu Koivisto's animal figures! I found (and still do) them so cute & touching that couldn't help dropping a couple of tears. That's what art is all about - it has the power to touch people.

 Inari Krohn: Suuri metsä

Himmelblau Printmaking Studio

 Elina Luukanen: Myöhäinen hetki & Portaikko
Other works on display by artists Outi Heiskanen, Marko Lampisuo, Ari Pelkonen, Esa Riippa, Marika Mäkelä, Kirsi Neuvonen, Tiina Kivinen, Janne Laine, Jaakko Mattila, Miina Äkkijyrkkä, Jani Leinonen. 

Galleria Angelo
Yrjönkatu 3

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Houses part 6

 This house is situated in Balatonboglar. Found out that it's a real fixer upper with a spacious garden. There are 2 kind of small houses and the other one had gone trough a not so well done reno in my opinion. The smell in the yellow house told that there's a pretty bad humidity problem there. The location is quite nice, it's by a quite road, walking distance to the lake, near the shops etc, but...
Hard to believe that someone was/is actually living there. 

So this one was already sort of renovated.

Asking price 30 million Hungarian forints (€100.000)

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