Thursday, August 27, 2015

Photos of Lake Balaton

To put all the right apertures, shutter speeds and ISO values is not an easy task - at last not for me. And after that comes image processing...Should I add more light or shadows, increase saturation or not etc etc? Then there's this totally different world of Photoshopping...
Well, I'm not quite there yet!  

How to capture that right moment? How to tranfer that fabulous atmosphere into a pic? Those are some of the questions I'm straggeling with.

Zara Home Milano Collection

Zara Home usually has pretty colourful items, but now in its Milano collection the colours are swiped away. Lots of linen & cotton. Crispy & soft at the same time.

Here's a lookbook of the new Milano Collection:

Pure & natural!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Doors Of Budapest

Old, rustic, wornout, beautiful, ugly, colourful, detailed, decorative...
If you walk along the streets of Budapest you can't miss the entrance doors of the old buildings. Even though most of them would definitely need to be renovated, you can pick up those gorgeous wrought iron gates and window grills which represent the different eras like Romanticism, Neo-Classicism, Secession, Art Deco, Bauhaus...  

These are just random snapshots of some of the doors of 6th & 7th district, which I took during my Sunday walk.

I will continue this project district by district, perhaps street by street!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anttolanhovi Wellness Village

I was invited to summer's most fabulous party at Anttolanhovi Wellness Village near Mikkeli in Finland earlier this summer. What a lovely, perfectly organized party and what a gorgeous place by a Finnish lake! Enjoyed every minute there - fantastic company, delicious food, nice activities, and still had time for jogging & swimming.

Here're some pics of our design villa by lake. There're also a hotel  with spa & swimming pool, and design hillside villas. Our main dinner was served at Kota restaurant, which was perfect for 50-60 persons.


A perfect place for an active holiday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Koivu Necklace by Mari Syrén

 Here's another necklace designed by Mari Syrén. This one is with turquise glass beads and silver leaves of birch. That's where its name comes from - birch in Finnish is called "koivu".


My previou post of Mari's piece of jelwery here!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Flat For Sale!

A 107m3 flat for sale at Akacfa Street in Budapest!
Functional, spacious, light, moving-ready apartment in up-coming, trendy 7th district, walking distance to all major Budapest sights. Cosy bars, trendy restaurants & cafes, unique boutiques as well as banks & post office all in the neighbourhood. 

Note: The huge old Neogothic market hall at Akacfa Street is under renovation at the moment, but will be open in September!

Dining area/living room

Living room

Living room

Living room with a view to the entrance hall.

Living room with a view to the questroom/study.

Master bedroom






Restroom & bathroom

Entrance hall

Entrance hall

Leave a message or contact me via email if you are interested in and would like to know more!

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